The Ajuda Foundation is up and running. We have hit the ground running delivering workshops in the heart of the South Wales valley of Maesteg through The Purple Sunflower Project.

Here are a few photos of a Level 1 Mental Health First Aid workshop taking place at Llangynwyd Village Hall in Maesteg. 20 people took part and received a QNUK qualification. Here are photos of the workshop recently undertaken.

The QNUK qualification equips people in Maesteg to help people with their mental health, and to recognise people who could be going through a mental health problem. The more people who attend the Level 1 Mental Health First Aid workshop in Maesteg means that they can make a huge positive impact on mental health in their community.

When people feel better especially when it comes to their mental health this will lead to happier communities and that is our aim for Maesteg, to contribute to healthier communities where people feel supported and can overcome their mental health conditions.

The Ajuda Foundation is going to be running more mental health workshops in Maesteg. Here is information of the next workshop taking place at Llangynwyd Village Hall.

If you live in Maesteg or the surrounding areas and want to learn more about anxiety and depression then get in touch, we can book you on this workshop. You will learn what anxiety is and learn control techniques to control anxiety that can lead to more confidence and less depression.

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If you want more information with regards to The Ajuda Foundation and The Purple Foundation Project get in touch we are happy to help. Our contact details are displayed below.

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