Last month we ran a Level 1 Mental Health First Aid workshop delivered through The Purple Sunflower Project.

We have received some awesome feedback from a participant. Here is what the lady went on to say.

“Hi, I attended the mental health awareness course on the 18th of March. I’d like to thank you for being so welcoming, especially when I attended this course on my own, I was very nervous. I found friends right away and found the confidence to speak openly in front of people which I don’t normally do.

I was interested in this course because I have family and friends that suffer with mental health and anxiety, but mainly this course was for dealing with anxiety for myself. I started suffering from anxiety a while back after becoming unwell. I’ve already got a health condition I’ve lived with all my life but only now started suffering with anxiety feeling low and sadness.

I have been looking for something local in my area for so long and could never find anything. So, when i seen this on Facebook i knew i wanted to come along. I found this course amazing, things that were discussed and said i couldn’t believe how i related to it in my life now.

I came away from this session feeling really good and positive about myself. I knew the things I’ve been doing for my anxiety have been the right things, but also got more ideas to keep me going so thank you.

My friends have also been interested since I told them as well and I’ve already booked onto the next course and hopefully they will be joining me. I really hope this stays in our local area as there are so many people in the valley that can benefit from the amazing work your all doing. Thanks.”

Bring better mental health to people living in the South Wales Valleys

This was such positive feedback and just goes to show that the work we are doing in the South Wales valleys is working. When people feel better this will lead to happier communities and that is our aim for Maesteg, to contribute to healthier communities where people feel supported and can overcome their mental health conditions.

The Ajuda Foundation is going to be running more mental health workshops in Maesteg. Here is information of the next workshop taking place at Llangynwyd Village Hall.

If you live in Maesteg or the surrounding areas and want to learn more about anxiety and depression then get in touch. We can book you on to this workshop. You will learn what anxiety is and learn control techniques to control anxiety that can lead to more confidence and less depression.

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