Mental Health First Aid

Mental health is an important component of overall health, and mental health first aid is the first step towards giving a friend, family member or co-worker the support they need to overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing with their mental health.


What is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental health first aid is a training programme designed to help people to understand how to support someone who is experiencing poor mental health. Just like traditional first aid, mental health first aid is not therapy and doesn’t teach you how to treat or diagnose mental illness. Rather, the training helps you to understand how to offer immediate support to someone in crisis until the appropriate professional help can be received. 

The Ajuda Training Mental Health First Aid training programme gives you an action plan to use when offering support to someone who may be in a difficult situation. You would learn about this action plan on our Level 1 Mental Health First Aid course, which you can find here.


Do Mental Health First Aiders Need to be Qualified?

People who have completed a Mental Health First Aiders’ course are better equipped to provide support on a first aid basis, and gaining the qualification not only gives people more confidence in understanding the various mental health challenges individuals can face in their lives, but completing the course also hugely helps to raise awareness in general.

Being a mental health first aider enables people to spot warning signs in themselves and others, can give them the confidence they need in order to be able to reassure someone who is experiencing poor mental health.


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